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The Effect of Crude Oil Price Increase on the Economy Research Paper


Demand and supply are the foundations of any economic analysis as the interaction of the two forms a market. The law of demand and supply works in opposite ways in the sense that, when the prices of commodities changes, demand and supply change in opposite direction holding other factors constant. The magnitude of change of demand and supply depends on the type of the commodity in question.


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For instance, demand or supply of some commodities respond more than changes in price as compared to others. This brings us to the concept of elasticity of essay goods. In addition, it is not only price that affects demand and supply of goods, there are other factors that would affect the market such as changes in technology, taste and preferences, favorable climatic conditions and many other factors. This paper explores how various factors affect changes in demand and supply.


Various determinants of supply and demand often change. For instance, the price of goods can increase or decrease, the cost of production can increase, the price of the substitutes and complementary commodities can change, and consumers’ tastes and preferences can also change among others. Consider an event in which the price of crude oil increases to $150 per barrel. The change affects a number of commodities in the economy as shown in the diagram below.

Figure 1.0


From figure 1.0, crude produces a number of products such as diesel and petroleum. Diesel is consumed as a factor of production and in transportation. The other products are used for various activities. For instance, bitumen is used in road construction. Diesel is used as a factor of production of good and services such as sugar.

An increase in the price of crude oil causes an increase in the price of diesel. Diesel is used in production of sugar. An increase in price of diesel results to an increase in cost of production. This causes a reduction in supply of sugar. Therefore, an increase in the price of crude oil affects the supply side of the economy.

Demand and supply of sugar before changes

Figure 1.1


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Figure 1.1 shows the initial equilibrium status of sugar before the changes in the price of crude oil. DD 1 shows the demand curve while SS 1 shows the supply curve. Intersection of the two curves yields the equilibrium. P 1 is the equilibrium price while Q 1 is the equilibrium quantity demanded and supplied.

Demand and supply of sugar after changes

Figure 1.2


An increase in the price of crude oil to $150 per barrel causes an increase cost of factors of production. An increase in the cost of production leads to a decline in quantity of sugar supplied. The decline in supply is shown by an inward shift of the supply curve from SS 1 to SS 2 . The shift makes the equilibrium position to change. Price increase from P 1 to P 2 . The equilibrium quantity of sugar supplied decreases from Q 1 to Q 2 .


The paper explains the effect of an increase in the price of crude oil on the economy. From the discussion above, it is apparent that an increase in the price of crude oil affects the supply side of the economy. It increases the cost of production of goods and services. This results to increase in price of goods and services and a decline in the equilibrium quantity.

Should Obama Nominate Another Woman or Two to Replace Justices Ginsburg and Breyer Essay

Looking at the current situation in the political world, it is impossible to omit the election of Barak Obama on the second term. Such forecasts were, however, the American opinion was against Obama. Still, the elections showed that people still support the first African American president and trust him. During the first days of his presidency in the second term, Obama has faced a dilemma concerning supreme courts.


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Justices Ginsburg and Breyer are two justices in a supreme court whose age is too high to allow them stay at their positions for a lengthy period of time. There is an idea that these two justices are going to leave their places after the end of Obama’s second term. However, much may happen and there is a possibility that Barak Obama would have a desire to replace them before.

The dilemma whether Barak Obama would nominate another woman or two to replace Justices Ginsburg and Breyer or men are going to be chosen is rather contradicting. It is impossible to read Obama’s thoughts, therefore, we can just predict. On the one hand, the President had already nominated two women justices in a supreme court.

Is he does the same with Justice Ginsburg, it would mean that he made three appointment. Moreover, if something happen to Justice Breyer, Obama would enter a history as the president who made it possible for women to get nearly half the quotes of the court.

Even though it is difficult to predict, it is still possible to make an assumption and state that Barak Obama would choose two women to replace existing Justices. Such choice may be explained by a number of reasons.

First of all, Barak Obama is the first African American president who underlined the fact that the USA got rid of racial discrimination. Even though the slavery abolition took place many years ago, the remains of the issue could be felt. The election of an African American president put an end on the discussions about the racial discrimination.

Now, it seems that Barak Obama wants to go farther and to destroy the glass ceiling which bothers many women. Even though the gender discrimination is forbidden and women are equal to men in business sphere, glass ceiling still remains the problem in many companies.


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The nomination of two women as Justices may show the whole society that women can occupy leading positions and run successful affairs. Therefore, it should be stated that in case such actions take place, Obama would be remembered as the most democratic president.

The actions conducted by the president on the national level are important. It is essential to remember that the actions of the President are seen to the whole society. Therefore, all he does can be checked. The efficiency of women as Justices would be checked as well, therefore, no one is able to contradict the fact that the actions of a president may have sense.

So, I am inclined to think that Barak Obama should nominate women replace Justices Ginsburg and Breyer as this my helps solve some social problems which exist in the American society. Glass ceiling still remains the barrier for many women on the way to their careers. The actions of the president may play a great role in the further social relations in the country.

The Effect of Pets on Driver Distraction Essay (Critical Writing)

A lot of attention is being directed to talking on cell phones, playing with pets, and texting while driving as these actions result to significant driver distraction. The exact statistics on distraction by small lap dogs are hard to come by, but a survey from the Nationwide Mutual Insurance has noted that over ten percent of drivers have a history of distraction by such small lap dogs.


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The idea is not only to focus on the type of distracter that is dangerous, but also to focus on anything that can lead to any sort of driver distraction. The distracter can be texting, making or receiving a phone call, and to a greater extent, sharing the front seat with a lap dog. In regard to lap dogs, diverse views concerning their role in driver distraction have been raised.

First, there are those who believe that the pet is hazardous to the driver and any other passenger in the vehicle. Additionally, they argue that we live in a contemporary society where all passengers are advised on the usage of safety belts. However, we have not designed safety belts for lap dogs, and the worry is if they are they excused from this safety measure. Moreover, the owners of pets have no idea what might happen if an accident occurs.

Considering their proximity to the air bag, most pet dogs will instantly die from the impact of accidents. Therefore, it is a call for pet owners to stop crushing the poor animals by their chests. Surprisingly, this is the situation that most drivers get into. Perhaps, they least understand that driving is not a right but a privilege that can be revoked.

Besides, those drivers without lap dogs deserve their own road safety. Here, drivers with lap dogs need to understand the danger they pose to other road users. Subsequently, these drivers are as dangerous as those who are driving when they are drunk. It is not by surprise Arnold Schwarzenegger has suggested a fine of $35 on those drivers who share their driving seats with their pets.

On the other hand, most drivers find it ambiguous that texting, having a lap dog, making of receiving a phone call while driving is a criminal offense. Besides, such drivers find the use of a cell phone not as bad as having a lap dog on board. Furthermore, they believe that lap dogs give them the company they need, and as a result are not a source of any distraction whatsoever.

These drivers go on to say that using a cell phone is an involuntary activity that does not interfere with them. Similarly, having a lap dog on board does not affect their concentration while driving. One such driver argues that if he is driving along and his cheek gets itchy, he will scratch it, and that is a natural distracter.


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His concluding remarks are that these futile rules are designed so that the highway cops can have work to do. However, critically speaking, this argument is not logical. Overall, it should be understood that using cell phones or having lap dogs that are left unstrained on board poses deadly major distractions.

Saudi Arabia’s Religion Essay

Most individuals who wake up and do as they please without conforming to a set of suffocating guidelines consider having freedom normal. On the other hand, for some especially in the Middle East true freedom is unknown. For them, they can only follow guidelines laid out by the society and religion and do not have room to accommodate individual feelings.


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In many Middle East countries, religion has boycotted freedom rights of individuals. It has entrapped them in cocoons they cannot escape. For instance, in Saudi Arabia, religion has swallowed up culture and tradition. The three have integrated to become one under the umbrella of religion. Islam, the dominant religion in this country acts as the guideline to how individuals should live. It has strict rules that suffocate the freedom of individuals.

As of now, Saudi Arabia is one to the countries legit known to have limited freedom. Religion spells out the freedom that individuals can enjoy. This religion favours men and undermines women. For instance, the Saudi tradition does not allow women and children right to air their opinions in public.

Further, women do not drive and can only go to school if their male guardians permit it. Women and men cover their bodies and head completely with women covering the face leaving only the eyes. In fact, the government has set aside a police force that oversees the implementation of these laws. These among other curfews imposed by religion and government suffocate individuals and deny them their freedoms as human beings.

The government and religious institutions should flex these stringent rules and be more accommodating of beneficial ideas. They should embrace technology and refrain from relating everything to Islam. Instead, they should seek to blend in with the rest of the world. They can achieve this through giving women equal rights. They should allow women to go to school and engage them in making decisions that affect them. The country should also consider teenagers freedom in the society.

In conclusion, Saudi Arabia should implement these and other suggestions provided by the international community in order to experience a positive social revolution. This would transform the country to an open-minded society with integrated individuals. Further, Saudi Arabia stands to gain more in social, economic, political, and cultural spheres if they increase freedom of expression, thought and worship.

«Things Fall Apart» by Albert Chinụalụmọgụ Achebe Essay- by EduBirdie

Achebe’s Things Fall Apart is an enthralling must-read chef-d’oeuvre starring Okonkwo, the protagonist who, despite his hatred towards his father, ends up taking after him. From the first line, the author begins by presenting Okonkwo as a well-known man even beyond the nine neighboring villages.

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The tall, muscular, and fearful character that had unkempt eyebrows and broad nose resented his father for being lazy and irresponsible. Okonkwo is hard working and successful because he tries hard not to be like his father. However, as the paper unveils, Okonkwo’s life is full of contentious situations ranging from failing his people, being a dependant rather than a provider, and being hopeless amongst others, that perhaps make him resemble his father whom he never wanted to emulate.

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Okonkwo resented his father’s failure even when he was merely a boy. Even at the helm of his success, he still remembered how he suffered when his playmate said his father was an agbala. From that moment, he learnt that Agbala, not only meant a woman, but also a name for any man with no title, like his father (Achebe 9).

is trustworthy

In some sense, these titles did not mean anything to foreigners. Therefore, by the time Okonkwo came to die, he was more or less like his father. He had titles that could not help him, as there was a new system of law. He had titles, which were useless just like those of his father. When Okonkwo and other people of Umuofia decide to take a substantive measure of burning the church, the District commissioner invites them to his office for what he calls palavers. The six leaders agree to attend because meetings like that were normal.

The court messenger even mocks them because of their titles. ”Who is chief among you?’…These anklets are worn even by any pauper now; does it even cost ten cowries?” (Achebe 152). At this point, Okonkwo who was extremely scared of failure, had failed to defend his honor. He slept in the cells and he could do nothing about it. He feared feeling weak as his father. However, at this time, he was literally weak. The new system did not recognize titles and many titled men were through to prisons despite their social statuses.

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Unlike Unoka, Okonkwo wanted to feel powerful in the community. He hence worked tremendously hard to exceed the worthless status of his father. In this endeavor, he hurt people close to him. They eventually resented him just as he had resented his father. It is hence sensible to say that, in the end, Okonkwo failed the people who depended on him, who trusted him and those who wanted to follow his example.

The saddest episode was the Killing of Ikemefuna. The council of elders entrusted this ill-feted boy to Okonkwo. He was one of the two people Umuofia got from Mbaino clan in exchange for their daughter who had died. Mbaino compensated Umuofia giving them a virgin girl and a boy, Ikemefuna (Achebe 8).

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He was to stay at Okonkwo’s place for only a little while as the community decided what to do with him. He ended up living there for three years (Achebe 40). He became a mentor to Nwoye, Okonkwo’s eldest son. Ikemefuna, in fact, became like family and called Okonkwo father. Nwoye became more responsible with Ikemefuna around. Nwoye felt like a grown-up (Achebe 40). Something that excited his father clandestinely and he knew it was because of Ikemefuna.

The Oracle of fate finally decided that the boy worth sacrificing to Agbala. Okonkwo and other villagers under the pretext of returning him back home took the boy to the forest to kill him. “While in the forest, a man cleared his throat, this scared Ikemefuna who turned back, the man growled to let him keep moving” (Achebe 47). The boy trembled. His body began to shake. The ma drew his machete, as he raised it Okonkwo looked away but he heard the blow.

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The pot the boy was carrying fell and broke. The Boy screamed to Okonkwo, “My father, they have killed me! While running towards him. Because of fear of being thought weak, Okonkwo drew his machete and slew the boy down” (Achebe 47). This was despite his peers warning him of having a hand in the boy’s death. At this moment, Okonkwo was more like his father because the boy depended on him for protection and love. However, he could not provide for him. He was so concerned about his reputation.

He overlooked the sanctity of the life of an innocent boy who, in fact, called him ‘father’. Unoka failed to provide food for his family, which starved, he never paid his debtors and he was a failure for failing to be responsible for his family, his children. Okonkwo did not protect Ikemefuna, under his custody, a,25.htm boy who looked up to him as a father figure, a boy who wanted emulate him. Nwoye is scared of him. He, in fact, sneaks out of the hut as soon as Okonkwo dozes off.

Okonkwo was strong, hardworking, determined and ambitious, Contrary to his father who was hopeless, lazy and desperate. Okonkwo was a brave worrier while his father Unoka feared bloodshed and a coward who was only happy when he played his flute.

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Whenever he would get a little money, he would call his neighbors to celebrate and make merry, drinking palm wine (Achebe 4). Although, he was a man who worked as if possessed, “Okonkwo worked from cock crow until dusk when chicken went to roost” (Achebe 9). With these contrasts, Okonkwo ended up like his father – hopeless.

Okonkwo obeyed the Umuofia norms at the expense of his family. Just like his father who only thought about his happiness, playing the flute and celebrating with palm wine whenever he earned little money. Okonkwo on his part was obsessed about obtaining tittles and growing his social status. In this course, he made silly sacrifices like slaying a boy who called him father.

Even his friend Obierika criticizes him. “If the oracle pronounces death sentence to my son, I would not be the one to kill him” (Achebe 52). That statement disturbed Okonkwo who defended himself that the earth would not punish him for obeying the oracle. However, that was brutal, barbaric and supremely primitive.

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During Ezeudu’s funeral, something unexpected happened. Okonkwo accidently blew-up his gun whose bullet inadvertently killed a sixteen-year-old boy, Ezeudu’s son. He quickly flew away. However, as the community laws dictated, he had to atone for his sins by shedding the blood of a clansman. The villagers are aggrieved.

They set fire on his houses, destroying his red walls, killing the animals, and demolishing his barn. The earth goddess wanted this justice upon Okonkwo as it were. The villagers were merely messengers. They did not hate Okonkwo. Even his greatest friend, Obierika was among the destroyers. Their duty was simply to cleanse the land, already contaminated by Okonkwo: killing a fallow clansman (Achebe 125).

He was to live in exile for seven years. At this moment, Okonkwo has nothing. The whole fortune he had accumulated and worked hard for is nowhere following the destruction. He was as poor as his father was. The man who thought on issues, Obierika was thinking more that ever (Achebe 125), but he did not find answers. Obierika only remembers that, sometimes in life, a man needs to reevaluate his relationship with the society, and God (Achebe 125).

This introspection was a sign that the society in which Okonkwo lived was ready to make changes. It was as if a curse was following Okonkwo. His father once went to an agbala to consult why his farming was not delightful. The priestess of the Agbala answered Unoka that he had nobody to blame but himself – for his laziness. In the same fashion, Okonkwo could only blame himself.

After his exile, many things in the clan had changed. There were no more rituals, no more titles, and no more tribal land traditions. The Ugwugwu had been unmasked. The oracle was no more but a modern court of law for justice. He just realized he lost all things he grew up knowing that they defined a man. He could not go up against the system. He was weak and a terrible failure, as he could not save his clan. He ended up emulating his father.

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Achebe, Chinua. Things Fall Apart. New York: Anchor Books, Doubleday. 1959. Print.