The Effect of Pets on Driver Distraction Essay (Critical Writing)

A lot of attention is being directed to talking on cell phones, playing with pets, and texting while driving as these actions result to significant driver distraction. The exact statistics on distraction by small lap dogs are hard to come by, but a survey from the Nationwide Mutual Insurance has noted that over ten percent of drivers have a history of distraction by such small lap dogs.


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The idea is not only to focus on the type of distracter that is dangerous, but also to focus on anything that can lead to any sort of driver distraction. The distracter can be texting, making or receiving a phone call, and to a greater extent, sharing the front seat with a lap dog. In regard to lap dogs, diverse views concerning their role in driver distraction have been raised.

First, there are those who believe that the pet is hazardous to the driver and any other passenger in the vehicle. Additionally, they argue that we live in a contemporary society where all passengers are advised on the usage of safety belts. However, we have not designed safety belts for lap dogs, and the worry is if they are they excused from this safety measure. Moreover, the owners of pets have no idea what might happen if an accident occurs.

Considering their proximity to the air bag, most pet dogs will instantly die from the impact of accidents. Therefore, it is a call for pet owners to stop crushing the poor animals by their chests. Surprisingly, this is the situation that most drivers get into. Perhaps, they least understand that driving is not a right but a privilege that can be revoked.

Besides, those drivers without lap dogs deserve their own road safety. Here, drivers with lap dogs need to understand the danger they pose to other road users. Subsequently, these drivers are as dangerous as those who are driving when they are drunk. It is not by surprise Arnold Schwarzenegger has suggested a fine of $35 on those drivers who share their driving seats with their pets.

On the other hand, most drivers find it ambiguous that texting, having a lap dog, making of receiving a phone call while driving is a criminal offense. Besides, such drivers find the use of a cell phone not as bad as having a lap dog on board. Furthermore, they believe that lap dogs give them the company they need, and as a result are not a source of any distraction whatsoever.

These drivers go on to say that using a cell phone is an involuntary activity that does not interfere with them. Similarly, having a lap dog on board does not affect their concentration while driving. One such driver argues that if he is driving along and his cheek gets itchy, he will scratch it, and that is a natural distracter.


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His concluding remarks are that these futile rules are designed so that the highway cops can have work to do. However, critically speaking, this argument is not logical. Overall, it should be understood that using cell phones or having lap dogs that are left unstrained on board poses deadly major distractions.