Should Obama Nominate Another Woman or Two to Replace Justices Ginsburg and Breyer Essay

Looking at the current situation in the political world, it is impossible to omit the election of Barak Obama on the second term. Such forecasts were, however, the American opinion was against Obama. Still, the elections showed that people still support the first African American president and trust him. During the first days of his presidency in the second term, Obama has faced a dilemma concerning supreme courts.


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Justices Ginsburg and Breyer are two justices in a supreme court whose age is too high to allow them stay at their positions for a lengthy period of time. There is an idea that these two justices are going to leave their places after the end of Obama’s second term. However, much may happen and there is a possibility that Barak Obama would have a desire to replace them before.

The dilemma whether Barak Obama would nominate another woman or two to replace Justices Ginsburg and Breyer or men are going to be chosen is rather contradicting. It is impossible to read Obama’s thoughts, therefore, we can just predict. On the one hand, the President had already nominated two women justices in a supreme court.

Is he does the same with Justice Ginsburg, it would mean that he made three appointment. Moreover, if something happen to Justice Breyer, Obama would enter a history as the president who made it possible for women to get nearly half the quotes of the court.

Even though it is difficult to predict, it is still possible to make an assumption and state that Barak Obama would choose two women to replace existing Justices. Such choice may be explained by a number of reasons.

First of all, Barak Obama is the first African American president who underlined the fact that the USA got rid of racial discrimination. Even though the slavery abolition took place many years ago, the remains of the issue could be felt. The election of an African American president put an end on the discussions about the racial discrimination.

Now, it seems that Barak Obama wants to go farther and to destroy the glass ceiling which bothers many women. Even though the gender discrimination is forbidden and women are equal to men in business sphere, glass ceiling still remains the problem in many companies.


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The nomination of two women as Justices may show the whole society that women can occupy leading positions and run successful affairs. Therefore, it should be stated that in case such actions take place, Obama would be remembered as the most democratic president.

The actions conducted by the president on the national level are important. It is essential to remember that the actions of the President are seen to the whole society. Therefore, all he does can be checked. The efficiency of women as Justices would be checked as well, therefore, no one is able to contradict the fact that the actions of a president may have sense.

So, I am inclined to think that Barak Obama should nominate women replace Justices Ginsburg and Breyer as this my helps solve some social problems which exist in the American society. Glass ceiling still remains the barrier for many women on the way to their careers. The actions of the president may play a great role in the further social relations in the country.